Ronald Regans Legacy

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Paper Topic: Ronald Regans Legacy The Legacy of Ronald Reagan Possible one of the most popular president in the history of the United States of America is Ronald Reagan

Though his open criticisms and diplomatic methods , he was able to convince the USSR ‘s leader , Mikhail Gorbachev to cease the production of certain destructive nuclear weapons Despite his heroic efforts , Reagan was also criticized for his ignorance of the scandal wherein certain members of the executive branch sold illegal firearms to Iran , which was a known enemy of the US , and used the profits to fund the activities of a rebel group in Central America However , notwithstanding all the controversies Reagan faced , it was his policies that improved the American economy and his heroic role in preventing the Cold War to turn into a world-wide catastrophe that would serve as his greatest legacy not only to Americans , but also people all over the world

Moreover , it was his popularity and expansion of the US ‘s economy that gained the support of old-fashioned and traditional Americans In addition , other than being a famous actor , Reagan has also accomplished a lot of works that have made an impact not only in America , but also the other parts of the world

PAGE PAGE 1 Ronald Reagan ‘s Legacy

Reagan was a very prominent figure in showbiz and most people believe that it was his popularity that basically catapulted him to the presidency

Reagan was the 40th president of the US and served two terms , from 1981 to 1985 and from 1985 to 1989

Aside from being the president of one of the most powerful nations in the world , another important aspect of his life was his stint as a movie actor

Among all his accomplishments , possibly the most significant was his role in ending the Cold War between the US and the now-defunct USSR (now known as Russia


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