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Paper Topic: Rude Behavior Essay Rude BehaviorBill Wine makes some interesting points on social behavior in his essay on Rudeness at the Movies (Wine , 2002

It is Wine ‘s opinion that it is the way the public behave at movie theatres that has contributed to the drop in box-office figures in recent years , and it is his contention that the problem with rude behavior is a social issue that is getting worse , not better (Wine , 2002 , 709 So why did we as individuals in society decide that our own needs were more important than the consideration we could show to others

Has the problem with rude behavior in society increased in proportion to the number of hours an individual might watch television (Wine , 2002 , 708 ) or is it more to do with the way we have lost connection with our neighbors , and as a consequence have decided that the needs of others around us (especially in social situations ) are unimportant

I am more of the opinion that it is a lack of connection ‘ that fuels this rudeness a lack of connection with others that has stemmed from urbanization , the shrinking and decline of the family unit , and the concepts of isolation that keep us from saying hello to our neighbors in our apartment block Public transport is another area where individual rudeness seems to be commonplace

Describing the scene at a popular film event , he explains in detail the plight of the single man in a movie theatre who has actually gone to the movies to watch the movie – something that appears virtually impossible given the innate rudeness of other people in the room

We have all seen this situation before the train is packed with commuters a woman stands in the aisle trying to hold onto her briefcase , s and her handbag all in the one hand while she is struggling to keep hold of the hand strap on the pole above her with the other

He might have a really bad back , false legs or an ingrown toenail and so decided that he would be in too much pain if he stood in place of the pregnant female

There are many possible reasons – he might be an arrogant man who just can ‘t be bothered with helping anyone at all those types do exist in our society

She is obviously pregnant , extremely stressed , and yet less than two feet away from her sits an urbane type of businessman , who although acknowledging the lady is there (lets say she accidentally trod on his toe which made him look up ) returned to reading his news seemingly oblivious to the possibility that he could really help this poor lady simply by giving up his seat – an action that would have been automatic in men thirty years ago So why doesn ‘t the urbane businessman give up his seat to a woman in distress

He may be a man that is some what wary

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