Saussure and Derrida

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Derrida , in his theory of deconstruction presents the same structure for both the process of nonaesthetic negativity and the process of aesthetic negativity

But context is boundless , so accounts of context never provide full determinations of meaning Against any set of formulations , one can imagine further possibilities of context , including the expansion of context produced by reinscription within a context of the of it (Menke 96 Considering Culler ‘s interpretation , Derrida ‘s thesis of the uncircumventable proclivity of language for crisis is based on the difference between what one expects context to offer and what it can really do , when correctly viewed

Paper Topic: Saussure and Derrida More exactly , langue , Saussure claims ‘is never complete in any single individual , but exists perfectly only in the collectivity (Cours 30 Derrida ‘s Theory of Language The theory of language to which Derrida wants to turn attention is connected with the method linguistic meaning is produced

Jonathan Culler summarized Derrida ‘s central idea in this regard in the following way Our earlier formula , meaning is context-bound , but context is boundless ‘ helps us recall why both projects fail : meaning is context-bound , so intentions do not in fact suffice to determine meaning context must be mobilized

Deconstruction is connected with an analysis of the theory of language that , similar to the process of aesthetic negativity , discovers within this theory the seeds of its own downfall

More exactly the method what there is of linguistic meaning and nonmeaning in their interconnection is presented

Derrida presents a theory of meaning that reflects the idea of the iterability ‘ of signs and what he calls their supplementary ‘ status

The theless inevitable recourse to context in the determination of meaning thus results in a crisis for every attempt to comprehend language


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