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Be certain to include in your discussion the following theories : instinct theories , need theories , learning theories humanistic theories , and cognitive theories of motivation Humans move , act and live according to their instincts and these are guiding by the wants and needs of the person but sometimes , the rate of the person ‘s reactions are either accelerated or slowed down according to their psychological judgment

Thus , human motivation is the psychological factor that guides the judgment and reaction of the person ‘s towards his or her aim According to Abraham Maslow , human motivation is usually focused on the benefit that the person can achieved by the acquisition of it and these are actually directed towards the needs and the wants of the person

As for this , the examination of the different paths that humans take depending on the life background that they have as the enhancers of the values that they utilize as basis of their actions People usually react to life basing from the personal historical background that they have

For some point , they are all considered to be moved by the different frustrated needs that each individual have basing from the past background that they have Recognizing the fact that both positively and negatively disposed persons have their own frustrated needs that are actually motivating them to take different paths in life that they believe would lead hem to attaining the dreams that they have for themselves as well as for those who belong to them

It could be noted that personally being involved in the background on the lives of the people

Discuss the differences among the theories of Human Motivation

Most likely , it is indeed vivid enough for the readers of this observation to realize the fact that whatever the backgrounds of individuals have a strong effect with the views that they have with their future dealings with the challenges of life

This idea is usually regarded with the term arousal meaning the excitement or sensation acquired through satisfaction People are motivated in different ways

As for the cases discussed herein , it could be observed that the cases examined give a perfect on how people tend to develop towards maturity while they try to run after the satisfaction in life that they are continuously aiming for

Regardless of their economic situation , the disposition of people becomes much affected by the family background that they have This is particularly the reason why motivating certain types of people should be based from the consideration given to the experiences that they once had

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