Selection and Training for Overseas Assignments

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This is one of the focuses of International HRM Expatriate Selection Criteria Various factors count in expatriates ‘ selection (Prusak Budzik , 2005 namely , the expatriates should have technical and managerial skills and be able to do his job as he is at distance from headquarters and cannot consult readily motive and desire of manager interested to go for overseas assignment such as interest in host country , financial incentives , gain self-confidence the expatriates should have social skills to interact and understand people norms mixing in social activities such as sports , eating , and language ability to deal effectively with superiors , peers and clients , etc diplomatic skills and ability to interact with business associates , government officials and leaders abroad maturity and stability to deal with situations logically , adaptability , resourcefulness and initiative Family factors such as family adapts to new country and his / her partner ‘s willingness to relocate after giving up career /job also plays a role in selection of expatriates

Paper Topic: Selection and Training for Overseas Assignments Name of the Author Undergraduate Selection and Training December 15 , 2007 Selection and Training for Overseas Assignments As the firms become more international , the need for better HRM techniques increases

This often poses problems of cultural adjustment The Use of Selection Tests Personality and psychological tests have been used in the selection process to assess personal characteristics , but the effectiveness of such tests as predictors of cultural adjustment is questioned

If spouse stays back support in telephone bills and airline return tickets , benefits help in adjustment (Mathis Jackson , 2004 Other attributes in selection of expatriates include , age , gender health , knowledge of language (age is respected in some places and a sign of authority , attitude towards company and performance , ability to cope with environmental variables such as political , legal and socio economic structures in host country

Another constraint is that in some countries (the United Kingdom and Australia , for instance ) there is a controversy about the use of psychological tests (Lipka , 2000

The perceptual dimension reflects the expertise the expatriate possesses in accurately understanding why host nationals behave the way they do

The tests validity is doubtful as well as tests are not adjusted to culture of the country

Some MNCs (Motorola ) provide career support to spouse in terms of language training to upgrade work-related skills and career development courses

They propose a four-dimensional approach that attempts to link specific behavioural tendencies to probable international performance The self-oriented dimension reflects the degree to which the expatriate expresses an adaptive concern for self-preservation , self-enjoyment and mental hygiene

The others-oriented dimension reflects the degree to which the expatriate is concerned

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