short analysis of the sources of early jazz

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But in spite of that the memories of rich African tradition helped to shape the African-American musician ‘s self-image 11 The African work song was cited to be one of the early sources of jazz

Each group of people brought with them their own folk music and later intermingle them together to create jazz Taken by force from their homeland in the 1600 ‘s , the African slaves clung to what was left of their music and folk tales

Work song was a form of ritual for the African slaves as it energizes them to work efficiently

The African culture was represented by African slaves who were born in America , were brought into the country directly from Africa , or were shipped from the Caribbean by their masters

The song had many variations like field hollers , levee camp hollers , prison work songs and street cries

Since it was not meant to be a song of entertainment but merely as part of their daily occupation , work songs disregarded Western systems of notation and scales

The work song was purely African in nature

Paper Topic: short analysis of the sources of early jazz Jazz developed against a background of slavery , colonialism , and exploitation in the 19th century

A number of women in the group would then begin chanting an action reminiscent of the voodoo practices of Africa It is very obvious that both the drummings and its accompanying simultaneous or overlaid polyrhythms ‘ had become an early ingredient of jazz

Fortunately , in spite of the deprivation of personal freedom they were allowed to freely express their music in New Orleans after the city council in 1817 established an official site for slave dances

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