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This is the first time that they talk about Sonny ‘s troubles , and also the first time for the narrator to actually listen to Sonny Having been invited in a jazz club by Sonny in Greenwich Village , the narrator is finally able to listen to Sonny ‘s blues – literally

The narrator ‘s motivation to help and save Sonny came from his conversation with Sonny ‘s friend Later , when the two brothers finally meet again , the narrator relates their childhood and early adulthood in Harlem

It is interesting to note during the argument between Sonny and the narrator Sonny ‘s insistence that his brother does not listen to him this seems to have a connection with Sonny ‘s passion to be a musician

The word listen ‘ seems to have gained two meanings in the context of the story Going back to the present time , the narrator asks Sonny , though indirectly , about his addiction

Instead , it tells of the suffering that Sonny , his family , and perhaps , the other African-American people in the city , experienced , such as poverty , and racial inequality The narrator is a high school Algebra teacher , and the story begins when he had just found out about Sonny being caught with heroin

The main characters are the narrator , whose name is not mentioned in the story and his seven years younger brother Sonny

In this part of the story , the narrator realizes how much his little brother has grown , and how much he does not know about his brother

Although the protagonist is Sonny , the story is not only concerned about the story or the life of Sonny

Paper Topic: Short Story James Baldwin ‘s Sonny ‘s Blues ‘ is about the relationship of two African-American brothers in Harlem

A few years later , their mother died , and Sonny , being underage , is forced to live with the family of his brother ‘s wife

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