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Paper Topic: SHORT TANDEM REPEAT (STR) DNA ANALYSIS AND THE CODIS DATABASE DNA Analysis and CODIS 1 DNA ANALYSIS AND CODIS DNA Analysis and CODIS Your Name Your University DNA Analysis and CODIS 2 Abstract This essay is over the use of DNA , CODIS , and Short Tandem Repeats

Over 30 thirty states have their own DNA databases and the FBI has a national database named Combined DNA Index System (CODIS , and it includes the DNA databases of all states that currently have one Most of our DNA is identical to DNA of others

Sequences with the highest degree of polymorphism are very useful for DNA analysis in forensics cases and paternity testing This activity is based on analyzing the inheritance of a class of DNA polymorphisms known as “Short Tandem Repeats , or simply STRs

Short tandem repeat (STR ) in DNA is a group of polymorphisms that occur when two or more nucleotides are repeated as well as those repeated sequences are directly adjacent to one another This pattern can range anywhere from two to ten base pairs

In to obtain info , detectives must use a data bank to retrieve necessary information To understand why a DNA data bank is necessary it is important to know exactly what DNA is

By examining enough STR loci and counting how many repeats of a specific STR sequence there are at a given locus it is possible to create a unique genetic pro of an individual

STR analysis has become the prevalent analysis method for determining genetic pros in forensic cases

It relies on 3 sources DNA Analysis And CODIS Most people have heard of DNA

STR analysis has only been around for approximately ten years in the field of forensics

Chromosomes , which are made up of DNA , contain all the hereditary information that an individual has

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