Should television be censored? Why or why not

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Authority comes with freedom The Romans , with its diverse nationality and religions issued that citizens should first worship those with authority then their gods Through this , Roman officials control the citizens a form of censorship

Technologies with its fast development could distribute any information in seconds through radios , internet and the most common is television Television , first made by Philo Taylor Farnsworth , is one of the effective information distributor since most Americans watch television five hours a day , depending on year and survey

Why or why not [Author ‘s Name] [Instructor ‘s Name] [Course Number] [Date] Should Television be Censored Censorship could be traced all the way back to Greeks and Romans to Protestants English , each having his own use and definition of censorship

The United States of America (USA ) created a Bill of Rights that protected its citizen from unjust censorship especially from the freedom of speech Through this , people could openly criticize and say their opinions about almost anything

Citizens , not only can critize they can also disperse information about almost anything in any form

The Romans censored heretical books ‘ that does not conform to religion They even have a list of censored books called Index of Forbidden Books ‘ that is punishable by excommunication

Since then , television censorship was made but should it really be censored

Isn ‘t this television censorship violates freedom of speech

Romans constantly issued censorship among its citizens , especially among the poor and without authority in politics or whatsoever

They created authorities called censors ‘ whose main responsibility is to assign citizens into tribes and class according to its amount of property owned

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