Should we raise the minimum wage to living wages, AMERICA’S MINIMUM WAGE ARGUMENT

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Paper Topic: Should we raise the minimum wage to living wages, AMERICA’S MINIMUM WAGE ARGUMENT Running Head : Minimum Wages and Living Wages Minimum Wages and Living Wages [Name of Writer] [Name of Institution] Minimum wages and Living wages Abstract A controversy remains amongst economists about whether living wages or minimum wages are the best option to reduce unemployment and increase the standard of living

Minimum wages have been introduced in other parts of the world but they still remain low The minimum wage introduced in the United States was 0

Each state of the United States has its own minimum wages law along with federal minimum wages

Finally the article argues that living wages are more beneficial for workers and the economy Lowest wages paid by employers to employees is known as minimum wage Minimum wages are now implemented in major parts of the world

During Clinton ‘s presidency states were allowed to set minimum wages higher than federal minimum wage (Bartik , 2005

Currently thirty states have increased their minimum wage above the federal minimum wage

The frequency of minimum wage increases has been five increases in the 1970s and two increases in the 1980s

The Congress has the authority to pass minimum wage increases in the United States

In 1997 Congress increased the federal minimum wage to 5

The United States established minimum wages in 1938

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