Siemens Medical Solutions: Sexual harassment and other harassment policies.

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Most countries consider sexual harassment a criminal offence punishable by law , asking questions or commenting about an individuals ‘ sexual life this is usually practiced by Soliciting sexual favors in exchange for employment related services , Displaying of pornographic materials such as pictures music , whistling , touching , patting or kissing somebody without his or her consent (Siemens Medical Solutions , 2003 For one to identify whether sexual harassment is practiced in an organization the following signs can be identified workers and individuals who are victims of sexual harassment are usually found to be reluctant to report any cases of harassment to the relevant persons concerned because they fear payback from their attackers , checking the trends in workplace harassment grievances and compensation claims through the analysis of statistics available in the human resource office , breaking of relationships in teams , groups and managers themselves and lastly the employees poor commitments to job assignments (Kingsley and Brown , 1998 This kind of harassment is associated with emotional distress , physical illnesses and body injuries

It also leads to the loss of positive work values such as self-esteem , self-confidence and integrity which in the short term may lead to social discrimination and isolation at the place of work , finally , it leads to severe financial and human costs in an organization in terms of reduction in production , efficiency and profitability levels hence business collapse , public and customer related effects such as bad publicity of the organization , increased legal , compensation , counseling , mediation and training costs for the organization resulting in bankruptcy in the long run , worker health deterioration and poor commitment to work , breakdown of individual team or personal relationships within the organization (Oppenheimer and Willy , 2002 Siemens states clearly that it is important that an organization puts up a workplace harassment prevention policy and it should be quickly implemented by employers to guide every worker in the organization on the expectations of the employer regarding his or her conduct and other appropriate behavior expectations

Sexual Harassment in Organizations Siemens being a leading company for its provision of solutions we find that it has extended to is clients health care globally it therefore defines Sexual harassment as a common form of harassment that involves physical or emotional abuses to individuals at a workplace

This policy can be part of the Workplace Health and Safety Act of 1995 developed by the United Nations or it can be a solo-policy as long as it conforms with other Human Rights policies

Paper Topic: Siemens Medical Solutions: Sexual harassment and other harassment policies

In this case we find that any unwelcome conduct or contact that touches on somebody ‘s sexual privacy is sexual harassment

They occur to a victim of harassment who have frequently abused at his or her workplace

This harassment affects both men and women although the latter are frequent victims

First , it prevents effective production of the individual in terms of his or her output resulting in subsequent loss of employment


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