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Although men knew that slavery is morally wrong yet still they practice it because they desire the control and power that goes with it and were selfish enough to use another human being from which to derive the fulfillment of that desire In other words , slavery illustrates man ‘s greedy and selfish nature as superseding his morality

This means that in slavery a slave is treated as if he is owned (whether literally or not Ownership is the temptation of slavery

His greed for control and power and his selfishness for gain and pleasure overcomes his sense of what is right Power and control as well as selfishness are fulfilled in slavery in three ways

Paper Topic: SLAVERY Slavery Illustrates How Man ‘s Greed and Selfishness Supersedes His Morality Slavery had long been in existence since the ancient times

Perhaps the greatest illustration of superiority and power is seen in the way a slave owner freely inflicts torture and harsh punishments on his slaves

The legal meaning of slavery was finalized during the 1926 League of Nations Convention which states Slavery in the full sense is the status or condition of a person over whom any or all of the powers attaching to the right of ownership are exercised (Lonie 30

What can be said then is that a slave owner is a selfish man , he feels he need to be superior or above men to be important and it does not matter if he had to step on another ‘s toes just to be one Secondly , in slavery one can extract labor from another human being in to have more leisure time (Lonie 28

A slave is made to do various simple jobs ( so simple that even a slave owner can do it by himself ) such as lighting a fire , polishing silver , combing his master ‘s hair , preparing his clothes , etc

Ownership means control and power , traits that all men desires to have

Slave ownership is a symbol of a high economic status and superiority

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