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They understood that when in Rome , one is expected to `do as the Romans According to a 1985 study by the Rand Corporation , 95 of the children of Mexican immigrants can speak English (Bryson 1990 241 , which illustrates that children are resilient enough to rapidly absorb English from Since 1906 new citizens have had to show “the ability to read , write and speak ordinary English ” Irish and German , Swedish and Mexican they came , proud of their old homeland and wanting to keep their customs alive

Paper Topic: Slogan Promotion United We Stand-English We Speak Proud to be an American-Proud to Speak English Ladies and gentlemen , I am here to speak on the subject of our English language and how it unites us as a people

They did not ask that we change our language to accommodate them they understood that to be American meant to speak the language of America , and that language , for obvious reasons , is English

It is not elitism that makes me say this , but while it may be convenient for you to refuse to learn English you are `cutting off your nose to spite your face ‘ and doing a disservice to your children

This is not only acceptable , it is vital to keep the rich cultural heritage of diverse ethnicities alive but still they must embrace new customs in this land , and the first custom is to speak our language

They all speak English For well over two centuries new arrivals have come to our land , not speaking a word of English

Yet it is not out of patriotism or partisanship that I make the argument that all immigrants should be encouraged to learn the English language it is simple pragmatism

They were proud to speak the language of a free people

Do you want your child to learn computers Teach him English (Science Tribune 1997

They had to learn to speak English and they did it quickly and well

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