Social and Corporate Responsibility

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Paper Topic: Social and Corporate Responsibility CORPORATE CITIZENSHIP Corporate citizenship is indispensable to a joint citizen-government agenda aimed at national development

Corporate citizenship has become an inevitable concept in boardroom managerial meetings even politicians understand the usefulness of this phenomenon to the welfare of citizens and the development of a viable community that would be the basis for national strength p Social responsibility is about an individual , organization or government becomes responsible for the health , welfare and the values of the community they reside

And what can we call such act of gesture : corporate social responsibility The other important part of corporate citizenship and social responsibility is finding the appropriate measures to take towards meeting the highlighted needs or creating the right environment for the anticipated changes

This is a way of improving the educational capacity of the students of concern , and it goes a long way to show how concerned the organization is about the education of such students A major example of this laudable project is that accomplished by Shell Petroleum Development Corporation where indigenes of the oil exploration communities and other part of the oil-producing nation where the company is , are awarded scholarships on annually

Indeed all such efforts are aimed at meeting needs and also teaching people how to meet their needs within the limit of available resources and facilities

This would be a specific need of the community that would have been identified on evaluation of the community

Indeed , it is an ally of political competence and social responsibility

The beneficiaries of the program are duly involved in this venture such memorial efforts include provision of aids to the community , enlightenment campaigns and seminars , workshops on skill acquisition and productive living It could also include identifying certain visible projects , embark on them such could include provision of housing facilities and other social amenities , reward schemes for excellent performance philanthropic giving to the less privileged

Reports have shown that this has contributed greatly to improved academic performance among such students

It is the way through which the individual thinks of how to help the nation , and synthesize productive ideas backed up with action in that regard

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