Social Anthropology

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This was widely believed in , though contemporarily contested , based on Sahlins ‘s claim that Cook ‘s ship arrived coincidentally with the time of Lono ‘s worship , thus a time of peace Because of the concept of mythopraxis that the Makahiki supposedly practice , they appropriated what their legends foretold concerning the treatment , reception and fate of the god But sticking to the dictates of tradition as well , the crew faced odds when after the season of Lono was over , they were forced to return to Kealakekua Bay for repairs as the Resolution (Cook ‘s vessel ) earlier took damage from an incoming storm

Mythopraxis or literally the practice of myths regards the mythic origin of things in representing present happenings Thus , mythopraxis claims that events are hardly unique and that historical , in this case myths , themes are recurring and regenerative These concepts were particularly apparent in the case of Captain Cook ‘s voyage to the Makahiki and his eventual death in their hands

In his own words , it is a set of historical relationships that at once reproduce the traditional cultural categories and give them new values out of the pragmatic context (Sahlins , 1985 Mythopraxis on the other hand is defined as the tendency of human beings to appropriate experiences based on an already existing pattern

He is also believed to take on human form once every generation and many believed that the Makahiki took Cook to be Lono ‘s current human form

In his book Islands of History Sahlins states that his view of the structure of the conjuncture differs from that of Braudels which explains his conjuncture in a more intermediate manner

Some of them are the structure of the conjuncture ‘ and mythopraxis Marshal Sahlins ‘s notion on the structure of the conjuncture stems from his observations on how certain traditional cultural categories were transformed after the introduction or rather synthesis of other historical events and circumstances

Paper Topic: Social Anthropology In Marshall Sahlin ‘s Islands of History , he critiques the predominant views in Western Anthropology through his essays about the islands of Hawaii , Fiji and New Zealand

Regarding the islanders of Hawaii in particular , he discusses the fate of the famous Captain James Cook in the hands of the Makahiki

And coincidentally , Cook ‘s initial departure matched the season ‘s end of Lono worshipping

Sahlins on the other hand refers to the long duration of the consequences that such structural conjuncture could bring

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