social stratification & gender issues

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The website acknowledges that domestic violence runs across cultural , social , and economic barriers , it stated that violence against women are more prevalent among those with low SES or low socio-economic status This finding is shared by many other researchers

By doing so , this will show that domestic violence is a product of social stratification Socio-economic classes exist because of social stratification

Paper Topic: social stratification & gender issues Violence against Women and Social Stratification Domestic violence is a problem that besets societies all over the world

The most wealthy and subsequently most powerful hold the highest social class while the poorest and least powerful belong to the class found at the bottom of society According to the website of Men ‘s Health and Information Center of the University of Western Sydney , the incidence of domestic violence is associated with social class

The website suggests that women who come from the lower social classes or women who live in poverty are more likely to become victims of domestic violence

Research shows that 15-30 of welfare recipients are current victims of domestic violence , and 50-60 have experienced domestic violence previously in their adult lives ‘ Basically , the author asserts the prevailing fact that domestic violence is

In the United States , the National Clearinghouse on Domestic Violence has noted that the men in the country batter three to four million women each year (Richmond ) Moreover , men , specifically the husbands or partners of the women are usually the aggressors or committers of the crime

This will discuss such theory by using information available on the Worldwide Web The goal of this discussion is to show the relationship between socio-economic status and violence against women

Richmond stated that In reality , a disproportionate number of victims of domestic violence lack financial security ‘ The absence of financial security points to poverty

Basically , it has been suggested that violence against women is more prevalent among people who belong to the lower socio-economic classes

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