Sociology 101

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This does not mean that sociology must focus on the strange elements of the society , but it is a matter of giving up the traditional idea that sociology is a matter of what people decide to do , thus in favor of the strange notion that society has a hand in shaping our lives The functionalist , conflict and symbolic interaction perspectives can help us explain the power of society- how it shapes our thoughts feelings and actions

Paper Topic: Sociology 101 Running Head : THE SOCIOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE Sociological Perspective (Name (University (Professor (Course The Sociological Perspective Sociology deals with the aspects of human behavior and how people interact with each other

The heart of sociology lies in the sociological perspective , a point that made it distinct from others Berger , in his invitation to sociology , described the perspectives as the ability to perceive the general from the particular (Peter Berger 1963

Though perspectives serve us many functions , it is best to be critical and make rational choice in clinging with these perspectives because it may make us greater power over our lives Likewise , if you are to focus much on social stability and unity , the two principles adhered by the functional perspective , you will tend to ignore the inequalities of social class , race and gender , which can generate conflict and tension

If he /she is not satisfied by the current role that he /she has , elevating to the next level or achieving equality is deemed difficult because according to Marx ‘s superstructures you need to eliminate the top of the structure in to achieve equality The following are sociological questions applied with the three major theoretical approaches How television or the media per se shapes one values and preferences How does a war spur How the administration in colleges and universities performed their functions and how do they formulate house rules regarding the school and student ‘s welfare References Berger

Meanwhile , the conflict perspective , as it focuses on inequality , largely ignores how the shared values and mutual interdependence unify members of a society

For example , if we are to apply the conflict perspective which focuses on inequality , one may wish to recall his position in the society and the roles that he /she performs

On the other hand sociological perspectives can give us a less control over lives

By this , we may begin to realize how the general categories of our society shape the particular aspects of our lives

Society acts dissimilarly on different kinds of people

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