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He uses spongy as it were a fluid absorbent to typify the direct garbage in scenario of the people some other meaning oriented thinkers have termed as , the wandering generality br He uses the phrase , that spongy referent ‘ as a comparison with nothingness , which goes rather to the extreme speaking of the emptiness resident in such thoughtless acts

This , in my opinion largely typifies as the foregoing had already suggested an almost mindless endeavor whose everyday presence with ongoing visible occurrence cannot be denied From the immediate statements , I will say that I to a large extent agree with such gesture but will also like to defer on the fact that there are still a cluster , maybe not very many , which over the process of time some thinkers have come to describe as the meaningful specific

He however uses the hyperbole of the electricity to typify how unexpected an act the masses commit from time to time

This is in my opinion what Atkins means when he said Instead of blaming others or yourself , you can reevaluate your situation , gain perspective and acknowledge that you have more power than you think In continuation of my opinion on Baudriallard ‘s excerpt , He further describes the behavior of the masses with a shocking though expected phrase

In Baudriallard ‘s view , the general public that he described as masses do very little of thinking and more of predefined reactions to pictures painted across their sight

He uses this to further show his utter dismay at this regular attitude put forth by the group of people he successfully describes as masses

In his runaway best-seller , Seven Habits of Highly Effective People , Stephen Covey speaks of the concept of the little gap of pause that exists between stimulus and response

He says , They absorb all the electricity of the social and political

Electricity absorption as an act is supposed to be a dangerous endeavor that may lead to the termination of a life

Paper Topic: Sociology Introduction to Sociology First of all , I will like to suggest that Baudriallard uses a scientific of space and some similar occurrences to describe stylishly behavioral patterns of a general community of people group

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