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It has resulted to radical movements and the constant fight as to who was indeed the true revolutionary class On the other hand , Weber pointed out that Eastern culture lacks work ethics compared to the West , which was why the East depends on the West Even if both East and West embraced capitalism , the presence of said ethics spells their difference

Marx ‘s thesis states that The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles ‘ On the other hand , Weber asserted that the impulse to acquisition , pursuit of gain , of money of the greatest possible amount of money , has in itself nothing to do with capitalism Based on Marx ‘s analysis , the bourgeois and the proletarians gave rise to contemporary social classes today

There was then the establishment of true civilization through communication Author ‘s Name 2 In contrast , Weber claimed that the movement from feudalism to capitalism appeared when workers learned about work ethics

For Marx , the present class system is the result of the relationships between capitalism , the bourgeoisie , and the proletariat During the feudal era of economic system , the people dedicated all their effort and hard work to feudal lords

This is how culture affects capitalism Weber disliked capitalism in the sense that it is prone to temptations and sins especially in the acquisition of wealth , sacrificing the ethical fulfillment of one ‘s calling 1

Further , he justified that during the feudal times this particular ethos was lacking ‘ During feudalism , money was gained by the feudal lords by deceiving and threatening peasants

Thus Marx said that the rise of the bourgeoisie has put an end to all feudal , patriarchal , idyllic relations ‘ The social classes passed on from the Middle Ages have advanced commerce , navigation and communication opening their yields to the world market

Meanwhile , established upon Weber ‘s analysis on capitalism , capitalism is a fusion of monetary interests and religious ethics 1

Thus capitalist movement is an interlocking combination of monetary interests and moral calling , not merely the napve idea that capitalism is a pursuit for money alone 1

In Marxist theory , culture is responsible for the creation of civilization which is an important factor for capitalism to exist

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