Socratic Method

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After his answer , Socrates continues to ask questions to bring Euthphyro to an final answer about piety and impiety

In fact , he was eventually tried and convicted of corrupting youth because he encouraged them to question so much The Euthyphro is a dialogue written by Plato and quoting Socrates and his method

This method has been called a method of examination , and it is easy to see why Socrates is asking his students to examine their beliefs logically before committing themselves to these beliefs

Socrates has asked Euthyphro an initial question , and Euthyphro answers

That is , Socrates has asked his students to examine what they are arguing very carefully Socrates is one of the most famous philosophers of all time , but he wrote nothing down

Socrates attempted to teach his students by asking them a series of questions to lead them to answers as a way of discovery

The dialogue that occurs between Euthyphro and Socrates is one where they are discussing the accusations that have been made against Socrates regarding his corrupting the youth Soc

A quote from it shows the beginning of another of Socrates ‘ examinations Come hither , Meletus , and let me ask a question of you

This method of examination is helping both of them to understand why these accusations were made , and whether or not they are correct The Apology is also written by Plato , and is about Socrates ‘ defense of himself regarding the same accusations

During this debate , Euthyphro is examinining his father ‘s upcoming trial for murder and why it is occurring , and Socrates is also looking at the accusations against himself regarding corruption of youth

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