Sample essay paragraphs

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Unfortunately , if I do not receive a D grade in your class this would mean that my scholarship would be cancelled that would also terminate my student visa I have not been able to perform well during the third week of the term because my daughter , who is only 15 months old by then , had been sick Since I do not have health privileges here in the U

My midterms on other classes were on the average Thus , I have been able to pull my grades up through my final grades and other requirement I have been studying for _______years now

I know that having a D grade would not allow me to pass the class but it would sure help me save my scholarship and my visa status I would like you to know that I am willing to do anything and everything to keep from getting suspended and dismissed from this country I hope that these are enough reasons

However , I would like you to hear my reasons why I have not performed well during the midterm

This was the reason why I did not perform well in my midterms and to most of my classes during that period

This is the reason why I would like to do my best to persuade you to give me a chance to prove that I am worthy to pass the genetics class under your tutelage I believe that I am elegible to get a D in your class

I have been granted the chance to continue my studies in this prestigous university through a scholarship that I have earned through hardwork and by maintaining high grades

On top of that I have the responsibility to pay back every single dime I have received from the scholarship grant I believe that I deserve to get a D grade since I am only 5 points short to get it

I am hoping that my reasons would be enough for you to reconsider my grade and to give me chance to improve it As you might be already aware , I am an international student

Much worse , I would not be able to find a secured job since I have not graduated

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