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In fact , Lynwood was described as the friendly Caucasian city up until 1960 The discriminatory segregation of blacks continued to be reinforced although the Los Angeles Superior Court heard over one hundred lawsuits concerning restrictive covenants from 1937 through 1948 In Gerald Horne ‘s book , Fire This Time : The Watts Uprising and the 1960 ‘s , the city of Watts was annexed by the City of Los Angeles as a place to contain and house only African Americans

Paper Topic: ss110 ( final) Los Angeles Riots Los Angeles has become infamous for two major riots in the 1960 ‘s and 1990 ‘s that have sparked civil unrest among African American residents

On top of that , restrictive covenants in housing the denial of bank loans for black families who wished to purchase homes in primarily white neighborhoods was as common in Los Angeles as it was throughout the rest of the country in the 1940 ‘s

Watts was the only city in which African Americans were able to reside

For many years the residents of Watts complained of racial discrimination , police brutality , and lack of job opportunities and they were not heard until the riot took place

She and other residents claimed this incident is what sparked the riot that incited six days of fire , looting and destruction and leave 34 people dead and 1000 hurt One thing that was certain is that the African American population was tired of being harassed on a daily basis

However , a resident of the Watts tells a different story : she said that police shot a pregnant black woman in the stomach for no apparent reason

That line , however , was not as clear in Los Angeles thus tensions mounted to a boiling point in the summer of 1965 The core of the unrest in Watts in August of 1965 is believed to have different origins

The media was informed that this was the cause of the Watts Riots

The adjacent cities of Lynwood and Compton were exclusively white up until the late 1950 ‘s

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