St.Thomas Aquinas 5 proofs of the existence of God

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Thomas argues that the fact of change or motion implies the following (1 ) beings and things are moved by something and not by nothing , otherwise there will be no change or motion to speak of (2 beings or things are changed or moved towards their potential and not towards something that it is not supposed to become (3 ) beings or things move in accordance with something – the fact of change itself (4 ) the potential of beings and things are brought into existence through something which is already in existence , with the corresponding changes dependent or in regard to different things (5 ) there is always a mover or a changer , and a moved or changed being or thing on the other hand and (6 ) the mover which moves the moved , is in turn moved by a subsequent mover , and so on (The Early Medieval World ) This sequence of movement cannot be up to infinity hence , there must be an Ultimate Mover

Thus , a man who knows is a man who loves desires and is passionate for knowledge (5 ) This was another endeavor in this – to be a person who loves , desires and is passionate for knowledge and through this love , desire and passion , at least get a glimpse of what St

Thomas Aquinas ‘ five proofs of the existence of God Gilson , whose work was very helpful in this , stated that ultimately , wisdom is sought through love

Thomas Aquinas 5 proofs of the existence of God First Name Last Name Professor ‘s Name Subject Date St

Thomas The first proof that he presented reads this way , [t]he fact of change proves an ultimate agent of change (http /www

Through his conclusion and more especially , through his arguments , he is saying that if there is no God or Greater Being , we do not make sense and we do not have a purpose – human beings exist for the sake of existing and nothing more The above stated thesis shall be discussed further after the discussion of the proofs presented by St

Thomas Aquinas : Five Proofs of the Existence of God St

Thomas Aquinas has once said that , [b]ecause philosophy arises from awe , a philosopher is bound in his way to be a lover of myths and poetic fables

Thomas ‘ conclusion ultimately attempts to make sense of the human being ‘s existence and its place in the universe

Likewise , wisdom is acquired through desire and passion

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