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For example , if we use median or mean here , results such as book /s between Science and Reading This holds no sense for such book is not on the list Median , on the other hand , is the middle observation of sorted data

Using mode it this kind of data will give a multimodal event or an event with more than one mode The mode in a given data is the list of numbers that occur most frequentle

It is commonly used as substitute to mean whenever extreme or an outlying observation The practical application of median is in the field of social study Knowing the median income is more practical than mean income because of the possible extreme observations like including Bill Gates in your random sample

It means they tell us what is the center ‘ of a given numerical data Even though they all pertains to a center , they also have differences in terms of real-life usage Mean or mathematically known as arithmetic mean we used to compute by adding all the numerical observation and then divide it by the number of observations

Using mean or median in this kind of data will hold no meaning

Making equal numbers of small medium and large shirt is less profitable than making proportionate number of shirt with respect to number of demands

Printing the same number of books will cause shortage of supply of popular books while oversupply to less popular

Paper Topic: Statistics Mean , mode and median are the three measure of central tendency

Mean is strictly used for data in interval and ratio scales of measurement (i

It is more popular than mode but less popular than mean

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