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stock prices showed to have the most direct positive relationship with DJIA and Alaska Airlines showed to be the least because it has managed to show an increase of stock price for the closing of the 6th week despite the decrease of stock prices for Chevron Corp , Southwest Airlines and the DJIA Part II Alaska Airlines , Inc

1 Closing Market Prices of 3 Companies for 6 Weeks Table 1 – Net Changes in Stock Prices and the DJIA Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Alaska Airlines -0

32 )Three companies are reviewed in this report , Alaska Airlines (Alaska Air Group as traded in NYSE , Chevron Corporation (Chevron Corp ) and Southwest Airlines

Meanwhile , Alaska Airlines and Southwest Airlines showed a decrease in stock prices during the second week while the DJIA has rise

stock prices are way above the prices of the other two companies , and Southwest Airlines has the lowest

It is also interesting to note that Chevron Corporation stock prices have consistently matched with the fluctuations of the DJIA

Closing prices has been monitored for a 6 week period with the closing Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA ) as well Chevron Corp

For the third , fourth and fifth week , stock prices for all 3 companies correspond with the increase of the DJIA

Alaska Airlines scope of service includes scheduled flights in Alaska , Washington , Oregon , California , Nevada Arizona , and British Columbia , plus Chicago and destinations in Mexico Its roots can be traced to McGee Airways

In 1942 , it changed its name to Alaska Star Airlines ‘ due to the apparent expansion of the business throughout the USA and Alaska

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