Strategic Management: Strategic Choices

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Building relationships with these companies including Microsoft , is part of Job ‘s strategy to maintain and even increase the influx of consumers worldwide patronizing Apple products by widening the scope , capacity , and qualifications of Apple (Burrows , Hesseldahl Crocket , 2007a In the past years , Apple has also introduced a wide range of products that has attracted consumers in the global market

During that time , Apple was not able to compete in the global market (Guha , 2005 ) However , when Steve Jobs became CEO of the company in the mid 90 ‘s , Apple has taken a different route to be the successful Apple it is now

Steve Jobs have established a succession plan that gave Apple direction , a new line or series of high-end products , and concentrated on the production of OS X (Van Esch , 2004 Steve Jobs initiated a resolution to the problematic issues concerning the Mac

Apple has proven this statement by the company ‘s profit increase because of their production of a variety of products such as mp3 players , built-in iPod connectors in automobiles cases of music players , portable speakers , and just recently the iPhone (Burrows , Hesseldahl Crocket , 2007a ) The iPhone is a living testimony of Apple ‘s ability to produce an individual device that is capable

The ongoing success of the company is due to the leadership and managerial skills of Steve Jobs incorporating and employing strategic plans , tactics , and choices that have continued to worldwide achievements of the company

Since the onset of Steve Job ‘s management of Apple , it has been one of the leading trendsetters in the realm of technology (Burrows , Hesseldahl Crocket , 2007a At one point , Apple has suffered a great deal of failure due to br limitations and restriction of use regarding their products , such as the Performa series , PowerBooks , etc

An undeniable way of reaching out to a wider scope of consumers is to create a line of significant products that are widely used

Apple has also produced a wide selection of merchandise that consumers may choose from , such as the iPod Video , iPod Nano , etc

Paper Topic: Strategic Management: Strategic Choices Apple has been successful in drawing the attention and maintaining the market for consumers all over the world

To address the issues of limited applications , programs and software , and add-ons that are compatible with Mac , Jobs talked to the owner of Apple ‘s leading competitor , Bill Gates

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