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Likewise , the economic climate globally has seen the growth of systems of wealth production , distribution and consumption However , inflations and recessions affect the operation of SAB Miller These are the factors over which we have little control The socio-cultural climate represents the attitudes , values , norms beliefs , behaviors and associated demographic characteristics of the population within which an organization operates (Crook et al , 2003 In operating and managing SAB Miller applications that support users , we have to consider our customers ‘ values and beliefs

To do this we conduct studies to identify the concerns of our customers The technological climate includes scientific and technological advancements in the production of goods and services (Henrik , 2003 Technology for SAB Miller is of particular importance because it has been and continues to be the main source of increases in productivity which means it can either provide a competitive advantage to organizations that can use it effectively , or pose a threat to those that lack it

The rapid growth of the information technology has been able to established great impacts in the society The company is currently using its website for customers ‘ easy access of their products and services

These are the years and key events that have led to the SAB Miller of today and it has shown through the use of the company ‘s corporate strategy (McCarthy , 2003 It is said that people are living through an era in which organizations within industrialized societies are experiencing a prolific growth in the development and deployment of information and communications technologies

To remain competitive therefore , it is important that we need to understand current technology developments affecting their ability to offer desirable products and services The pace of change in that industry , of course , is accelerating , and its scope and impact are widening

Nevertheless , SAB Miller is generally having a stable environment The political-legal climate of corporations globally has been generally encouraging

Spectators of the technology can trace that change from the earliest antecedents of SAB Miller , to the most recent developments

Paper Topic: Strategy Environment Analysis SAB Miller has a complex environment

In the website of SAB Miller , the clients can browse and search for the available tools and equipment where they could easily and SAB Miller will just deliver the purchased equipment Another technological advancement of SAB

The development of an IT-strategy discourse has thus been partly the result of technology developments

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