Essay on Stress

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Other changes in one’s life resulting in stress include a change in a personal relationship or financial changes

Doctor Abbot in I Never Knew I Had a Choice states that about 75 percent of ailments that he treats are related to stress (Corey pg

It has also been found that prolonged stress can cause many disorders from minor to life threatening

Throughout my entire life, I have been very good with coping with stressful situations, but something happened on October 12 that will change my life forever

I used the word “deliberately” in describing self-doubt because we have the ability to change these misinformed thoughts

According to Professor Kubitz of Kansas State University, stress releases hormones that cause the heart to beat faster

In our society, many people fall into a rut of everyday life and fear change to their daily routines

Two days later, a friend of the family lost his battle to lung cancer

I have never before in my life been under so much stress that it has caused serious questions of hopelessness

Those are just some of the major issues, but there are many other everyday demands in my life that cause unwanted stress

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