Symposium by Plato

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Eventhough Achilles is aware that he will die in war against the Trojans , he chose to do so in to avenge the death of his beloved Patroclus The speech of Phaedrus affirms reasons that Love is the eldest and noblest of the gods , giving and providing virtues and happiness in life Pausanias negates the idea of Phaedrus and asserted that there are two kinds of Love , the spiritual love and the common love

He further avers that the best incentive to virtue is an honorable love , a love that has dared man to do transcend the impossible , to test the limits of life and to challenge the powers of heavens , all for the sake of their beloved Phaedrus elaborated that man will do anything for the sake of love

On the other hand , spiritual love is the love of the soul , which endures any form of pain and is not blinded by the physical appearance of things Pausanias continues further through his assertion that the higher love is of the male

Phaedrus affirms that Love is a mighty god and that Love is the eldest of the gods

Each of them offered their thoughts on the matter , and as personality and consensus clash , the dialogue comes to its highlight , where the climax is ushered with the storming of drama of ideas When we turn our attention to the speech of Phaedrus , the texts foreground an aspect of Love as a being

When love is done for the benefit of those concerned , then it is good , but if it is done for the opposite purpose , only then that love becomes evil

Those who belong to the masculine gender are regarded to have a superior nature especially in terms of intelligence , strength and spirit

Custom allows those people who are in love to do strange things Eryximachus also has a different

The tenderness and true love for her beloved spouse

He told the story of Alcestis , who exchanged her life for her husband ‘s

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