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Paper Topic: AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH Identify Al Gore ‘s intelligence is out into real life show by the high level of dexterity input into the documentary titled : `An Inconvenient Truth … He also shows by projection what the repercussion of the overwhelming danger portrays for the future , and by extension …

Chinese Culture Revolution

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By the mid-1960s , Communist rule had brought massive social change , greatly expanding education increasing women ‘s rights , and according greater respect to workers and peasants (Friedman , 2005 The problems facing China ‘s new government after twenty years of war were colossal … Paper Topic: Chinese Culture Revolution Name Instructor ‘s Name …

Labour and Conservative parties in Britain

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After Thatcher ‘s victory , the Labour Party did not have any chance of winning over the Conservatives for 18 years Thatcher was the first woman in the British political party who work hand in hand with John Powell to bring the Conservative Party into a strong political party after losing in the 1974 elections …