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Discuss the “New Negro” and address how s in the Harlem Renaissance support and use this concept in their writing. Use one of the works we read for part of your examination.

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The Concept of New Negro [Name] [Instructor] [Course] [Date] The Concept of New Negro ‘ in Harlem Renaissance and Alain Locke Introduction The Harlem Renaissance is primarily viewed as a literary movement loosely based on the concept of the New Negro as reflected in the writings of poets , novelists , essayists , short story …

Interview with Frederick Douglass

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Paper Topic: Interview with Frederick Douglass [Insert name of Author (s )] [Insert name of instructor] [Insert date of submission] Frederick Douglass : On Anti-Slavery Frederick Douglass – the famous icon on the context of `classic slave autobiography ‘ is considerably an eloquent writer which in essence recounts his claim to fame as that who …