Talk about 3 issues of social responsibility and corporate responsibility

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Paper Topic: Talk about 3 issues of social responsibility and corporate responsibility Title Name Colorado Technical University PHL210-0704B-40 Phase 4 Discussion Board Samone Norsworthy December 17 , 2007 3 ISSUES OF CORPORATE CITIZENSHIP AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY

There can even be a joint venture between the community health care service personnel and the company to organize health education talk shows , seminars and workshops so that people in the area can become better informed about their health

By this , the company would have contributed to improved health conditions there , which signals their social competence Welfare conditions Besides , companies can identify certain visible projects , embark on them such could include provision of housing facilities and other social amenities , reward schemes for excellent performance philanthropic giving to the less privileged

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On the other hand , Social responsibility is about an individual , organization or government becomes responsible for the health , welfare and the values of the community they reside

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If there is an outbreak of disease in a particular location where a company operates , such can take up the challenge of inviting community health workers for environmental surveillance

These two concepts are interconnected and inseparable Community Health Every community has needs

This is the roof of the concept of corporate social responsibility

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