Teaching in a siverse classroom

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Therefore , it is important for educators to pay attention to this aspect of education , preventing its negative effects and nurturing ways to make differences among students work in the classroom Every individual has experienced challenges in making diversity work in one way or another (Common barriers to diversity , 2000 ) Students may feel discrimination in the aspect of their relationship with other students and classroom managers

It will not just help the student feel comfortable in class , it will likewise help the teacher adjust Yet nationalities cannot guarantee a stereotypical classification of students

This requires the teacher to be able to relate and understand the different cultures that every student of each nationality has Take for instance a classroom where there are Asians , Americans and Europeans

Paper Topic: Teaching in a siverse classroom Teaching in a Diverse Classroom Introduction Diversity is a serious aspect of teaching

Thus , the teacher should be familiar with the nationalities in the class If it may help , consulting the students themselves if a certain thing is acceptable or not can be a good starting point

Thus utmost care and attention should be taken when relating with other people Culture in Diversity A striking difference that influences diversity is the varied culture that a diverse classroom may have

Typically , a classroom can become a meeting place for people coming in from different countries

This can also be way to indicate or see how serious a student takes diversity and discrimination personally

There are times when even people of similar nationality have different cultural backgrounds

Because the world is filled with people of different culture and language , it is impossible to come across someone who is different

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