Team Communication

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Several individuals need to be placed together in a group or team to generate an increased production of ideas far greater and better than that available from one individual Every individual in any company needs to see the fact that his contribution is needed as a part of the puzzle that will determine the whole

As the story goes , each man touches one particular part of the animal ‘s body resulting to six different conclusions of what an elephant is like – one who touched the creature ‘s side likens it to a wall , another who touched the trunk compares it to a rope , the third who touched the tusk feels it is like a spear , and so on and so forth

As it has been said , career failure is failure to work well within a team ( Teams and Meetings , 2007 What the Blind Men Failed to See They were all there for the same goal

Paper Topic: Team Communication The familiar parable of The Blind Men and The Elephant ‘ tells us of six learned men from a place called Indostan who came to observe and discover what an elephant is , using only their sense of touch

This value of interdependence is what led Lewis Force Field to develop a theory in Behavioral Science called Teambuilding , which states that human beings can function effectively and productively as a resource

The mantra is always this : Everyone needs me and I need everyone

The fact that they travelled together must have meant they needed one another or that they were a team

Five talented ladies come together to form a pop singing group

Thus , they end up fighting and disband

And just as in hypnosis , they suddenly think incorrectly about themselves and the group

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