Team Development 2

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Managers then find themselves with a tough mandate as they are plunged into a merry cacophony of culturally-informed behavioral patterns , ranging from communication styles to decision-making processes Indeed , multicultural teams often pose frustrating managerial dilemmas Cultural differences present marked hurdles to effective teamwork–but these are often subtle and difficult to recognize until significant damage has been done The challenge in managing multicultural teams effectively is to recognize underlying cultural causes of conflict and to intervene in ways that set strategic objectives for the team and empower its members to deal with future challenges that might arise 1

Paper Topic: Team Development 2 (PRWEB ) May 8 , 2007 — Nicholas Goh , Executive Director of Verztec Consulting Pte Ltd , a leading Multilingual Communications Service Provider , is d to provide the following tips , which help businesses better manage multicultural teams The modern workplace is a bless one

Follow-up supervisory feedback from managers overseeing global outsourced teams is instrumental in evaluating and determining the efficiency and rapport of team members Members can then be provided with clear guidelines to be assessed on their abilities to act upon initiatives and deliver relevant and profitable solutions

Team members also need to be amendable to one another ‘s perspectives and viewpoints so that members do not have misgivings about vocalizing their opinions Active Feedback Loops To rein in divergent segments of the business cycle , project managers need to consolidate and centralize core processes while receiving rigorous feedback from the periphery

When team projects run into trouble , a member ‘s unwitting approach to the problem may violate the other ‘s norms for uncovering and fixing glitches in the programme

Differing Modes of Communication The most prominent challenge that can arise from multicultural teams is ambiguity and murkiness in communications

Globalisation has opened up vistas of potential partnerships and collaborations around the world Supply chains span entire continents and project management teams comprise members of diverse nationalities and backgrounds

Project Managers need to value and be receptive to the output of individual members

This can cause serious damage to relationships , resulting in isolation and alienation of key team members , restricted information access and the generation of interpersonal conflicts Linguistic Proficiency

Such collaborative experiences will allow managers and team members alike to

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