Team Performance Measurement 1

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The importance of this tool is to establish the key driving factors to performance and identify those factors that hinder performance (Manuel L , 2002 The process also entailed self assessment by each member of the team This is where individual members of the team were given self assessment forms to evaluate themselves after which they submitted their feedbacks In establishing teams in the organization , there is need to ensure that these teams are highly motivated and satisfied with the working environment

There are also those who gave false information in their evaluation forms concerning their performance thus affecting the reliability of the results As the performance appraisal progressed there was continued feedback to the team members on their progress

Paper Topic: Team Performance Measurement 1 REPORT ON PERFPRMANCE EVALUATION Teams in a health organization like in business oriented organizations must be able to achieve the primary goals and /or objectives of the organization

The main objective of this performance evaluation of the team is to give a feedback and compare this feedback with the targeted output and objectives of the entire health care organization

Their performance is measured in terms of their collective output I carried out a performance appraisal on how the health care team has been performing for the last eighteen months

Team effectiveness was also affected by this individualistic approach of appraising the team Many individual members felt that their contributions were not concrete and relevant for the team thus killing their innovativeness

High performers were also rewarded This gave rise to two challenges : First , those team members who perceived themselves as the top perfomers were not contented with their counterparts ‘ rewarding

It is aimed at telling us where we are in particular , how we are fairing on and where we are going The evaluation of the team was carried out using a team balanced score card which measures each employee ‘s contribution to the team

After the completion of these periodic evaluations , the members were given their results The performance evaluation , though successful never fell short of challenges

First , the evaluations caused a stir amongst the team members who felt that the exercise was punitive

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