Teamwork and motivation 2

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There are a number of departments attending to different pathological states medicines , surgery , community medicine with the major and minor specialities are part of the whole caring for the needs of the body Apart from the medical doctors , there are laboratory scientists , nurses physiotherapists , radiologist , community health care workers , social extension workers and countless number of named segments of health care These people need work together for us to achieve the goal of prevention , treatment of health conditions , and even health education No one works alone in any medical setting , so there is really no question as to whether people should work individually or in the team The

Each part of our anatomy works with specific instructions from associated genes but the works are interconnected and intercordinated by the nervous and endocrine systems , as well as other control systems the body operates This shows that team work is an important concept that is part of us and can not be divorced from our normal architecture without creating room for instability In the health care delivery unit , there are different parts

The beauty of unity is best put to work when there is a team Team work transcends profession , race and class the coherence of members , the classical task of cohesion , mutual understanding and appreciation , and the burden of sustenance are parts and parcel of the package of team work

Paper Topic: Teamwork and motivation 2 TEAM WORK AND MOTIVATION You have been appointed to head the local division of a health care management organization

This is my consideration as the head of the health care management organization The task of effective health care delivery is not a one-man show

The body is the classical example of a united force where different parts work together for the common good

Specify whether you would prefer to have employees work individually or as a team

The importance of unity is tested by the fabrics of the body when there is a break down , and the body calls for a restoration of loss of function and structure

There could be inherent challenges , but the advantages of team work and motivation are enormous

Justify your rationale A bunch of broom is stronger than a single stick African proverb It is possible to pursue a dream alone but the extent of accomplishment is based on the dexterity of the team work

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