Technological Breakpoint

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The issue was that transportation of most food stuffs at that point had to be done via dry goods or those preserved in salt as mass canning was not yet available and transporting food stuffs for long distances could often result in more rot than product delivered to the end user It is then with this in mind that we must consider the invention or refrigerated rail cars and later refrigerated trucks as one technology breakpoint for the food industry

Paper Topic: Technological Breakpoint MBA Product Breakpoint Refrigerated Rail Cars Changing the Way a Nation Eats and the National Economy Your Name 12 /18 /2007 Before the use of the refrigerated rail car , American access to fresh fruits and vegetables were limited to what could be grown locally or what could be transported easily

Though there was an abundance of fruit and vegetables raised in California , most of it would rot before it could be shipped east over the mountains (California State Railroad Museum Until the Civil War , the high inland valleys of Colorado produced some vegetables for consumption on the east coast as the loss due to rot was significantly less when

Though many improvements have been made to the technology since the breakpoint In frontier America , as discussed by Wilder , food stuffs that could be transported were either those that could be dried (like pinto beans root vegetables that travelled well even during extreme temperatures (like potatoes and turnips , or foods that could be preserved in some manner , usually by drying or salting

As the country became more mechanized , railroads were used to ship fruits and vegetables to the frontier , but they still had a very limited shelf life

In this case , the technological breakpoint was almost 150 years ago , but the product continued to improve from there to the refrigerated trucks that are in common use today

This technological breakpoint changed the way America ate and the very basics of the country ‘s economy

Others would include mass canning techniques and the development of safer workplace technology , but perhaps the biggest impact on the American diet and the food distribution industry

A fruit farmer in 1865 in Illinois changed the food industry forever

With that in mind , we will examine the direct impact of refrigeration on the ability to transport food without spoilage before reaching market No longer were small farms growing enough produce for their local community necessary

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