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They can acquire useful tips on how to improve certain company policies and hence it is important that we in the management listen to them (Hathaway , Patti , 2006 Still in communication , while in a managerial position of a large human resource base like K-Swiss , it is important to devise ways through which to communicate with the workers

As a top human resource manager in the company there is much to learn from this him The first step towards effective management and leadership within an organization would be effective listening and communication

I have to listen to what my employees have to tell me , their views on the various policies and opinions on the policies that affect them

I have always to keep my workers updated on the various projects and policies within the organization

Like Tony Soprano , I have to find a way through which I can listen to my subordinates ‘ views so as to most importantly earn their trust

It will be the key to improving communication within the organization

Tony Soprano may choose various methods such as face to face communication or by sending emissaries I can also borrow a tip from this

K-Swiss is a big American footwear company of international ratings having established itself in a number of countries abroad However despite being a leader in foot wear , seating in a managerial position , I know that a big room for improvement exists

The sales personnel especially , require close attention and listening they are on the ground and are the companies ‘ representatives that are in constant touch with the customers

I hope to improve in listening skills

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