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Paper Topic: the aenied Running Head : THE AENEID The Aeneid Name of Student Name of University Name of Professor Course Title The Aeneid The Aeneid is an epic written by Virgil and it narrates the tale of Aeneas voyage in search of a land wherein he is ordained to build a great city which would later on be knows as the Roman Empire

Aeneas then acted as a means for destiny to execute its historical objective Aeneas characteristic makes him worthy to be the founder of a new city and that is probably the reason why he is destined by fate to build the Roman Empire

Aeneas accepted his destiny with grace in spite of the fact that sometimes his destiny is the cause of his own pain and suffering These particular characteristics show that Aeneas is indeed cut out to be a great leader and founder

In this particular epic , Aeneas destiny as the founder of the Roman Empire drove all the action , battle , as well as the account of the tale to show that the protagonist ‘s heroism and bravery were all rooted to his heritage as well as to his own accomplishments

All of the abovementioned qualities make Aeneas a worthy founder of a city Aeneas good qualities qualify him as a good leader as well as a worthy founder of a great city

Aeneas , being the offspring of the goddess of love and beauty , Venus and a mortal , Anchises is half human and half deity and was meant to endure the destruction and siege of Troy in to set the building blocks in Italy for the glory of the Roman Empire

This aims to discuss the attributes needed in to build the eternal city and the walls that will not fall ‘ as well as the relationship between these qualities in the city and the soul

Aeneas is a Trojan leader and it is in the nature of Trojan leaders to believe and shows high regards in prophecies

Aeneas efforts to ensure that Rome would be built in all its glory is highly evident all throughout the epic

Aeneas is a compassionate man and he always shows concern for the sufferings and pains of those around him Aeneas compassion could be shown all throughout the story there are even those times when he would give certain speeches to liven up his tired and bone weary men

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