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Art here becomes a utility , not of revolutions like in the old times , but of economic market viability and feasibility Art must be the expression of the artist and interpretation of the viewer but sometimes , what the artist does is to create what his audience likes to see and how that audience would want it to be presented , therefore making art work the other way around and in the process , loses its own

The only distinction , as pointed out in the text is what necessitates an artwork to become more than personal , meaning , what makes an artwork worthy to the eyes of an audience and not just the artist ‘ alone

In the forefront of these discourses are those who are in the academic who are more scrupulous and on the other side are the common artists whose art extends to what their imaginations can reach The academic sector plays an important role in the propagation of art but it is limited to the learned and knowledgeable individuals Commercialization is also one thing which makes art difficult to place specially in the modern time of digitalization

It also goes true with the academics when it comes to critiquing and analyzing the art

Although some do their work precisely as how they should , others tend to present their views in a manner that they think their readers will appreciate all the more Everybody is an artist on his or her own right , yes

Paper Topic: the art now br Art in the Changing Times Art is a product of the power of imagination which transcends time distance and dimensions

Art is an expression , free expression at that , and since it is so , it also should acknowledge free interpretation

This article presents the various history of art and its contemporary

Through the years , there have been constant debates and discourses about the art , that is , what really must be considered art in its truest ‘ sense or the art for art ‘s sake

The fine line between art and advertising , according to the text are the use and displacement Yes , this is true and that very fine line is not easily distinguishable to the ordinary eyes

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