The Bible as Literature

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However , school administrators and the teachers of the subject must know the line between teaching the lessons on the Bible and preaching the lessons in an irresponsible manner (Ryken

So if the stories of Homer , Twain and Tolstoy are studied in English classes it is also possible for people to comprehend the passages in the bible as a form of literature It is essential for any educated person to know a number of stories in the Bible

Paper Topic: The Bible as Literature The Bible As Literature The Bible is the best-selling book in the world

Rapper Kanye West also raps about people needing to see more clearly ‘ in the single Jesus Walks ‘ In the credit scene of the TV show Desperate Housewives the image of Eve offering Adam the forbidden fruit is briefly shown In the United States , the church and state must be separated Regardless , a majority of schools allow Bible to be taught as a form of literature

24 Members of the National Council on Bible Curriculum believe that offering the Bible as an elective course in high school levels is a way to improve education in the country

He offers sacrifices in for God to pardon his sons ‘ sins The first chapter of any literature presents to the readers the background

They view this as returning to a moral compass that will help American society (Ryken , 26 That being said , this will discuss The Book of Job in a literary point of view

Da Vinci , Chagall and Rembrandt all concretized passages from the Bible on the canvas The Bible can be seen in pop culture too

Therefore , scholars are torn as to its origin , its intention and its real meaning (Cooper , 14 Just like any literary piece , the book of Job begins at chapter one Job , also known as Jobab , is a man of probity , piety and virtue

It has often been referred to as the most difficult book of the Bible

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