The British East India Company

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Paper Topic: The British East India Company Student X Professor Course 15 Dec 2007 The British East India Company : How a Business Organization Overwhelmed a Nation There was a time when England and the Royal Family can rightfully declare that the sun does not set on the British Empire

The following pages tell the story In the Beginning When European nations finally achieved a level of stability and economic power , each nation , state or kingdom sent their finest sons and most daring adventurers to travel the world ‘s ocean ‘s and bring back to their Motherland news of discoveries and knowledge of foreign lands that can be conquered or influenced by the supposed to be superior Western culture

But all of these can be clearly understood by using a turning point in the history of India and British relations – the Sepoy Rebellion – which is an event that encapsulates all the influences and impact of British rule in India

This can be accomplished by tracing the early beginnings of British trade relations with India and then going through the political and economic changes that occurred in the subcontinent that provided for an impetus for British domination of the region

And then began the rise and fall of English hegemony in India This will provide an overview regarding the historical development of a small group of traders who grew into the most dominant trading firm in India

An all encompassing trading firm was established – the British East India Company

The British East India Company was never the same again

It is indeed true that when the sun sets in the West and rises in the East , an English colony is there to greet its shining rays One of the British colonies can be found in the subcontinent of India But it was not like that from the start

British influence in India was limited to mercantilism

Yet somewhere along the way after close to one hundred years doing business with the locals , the traders began to grow in power , wealth , and influence

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