`The controling government of the `Big Brother` and the U.S.`

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Orwell ‘s 1984 ‘ examined to procure a definition of a harrowing London , as its chief city and a province of Oceania ‘ is a society with a central theme on the power of the government to sanction force for a singular pattern of thought over every citizen (Orwell , 1990 : 3 While Orwell ‘s futuristic novel is rooted in an imagery of Fascist Europe , it comes to mind how the probability of modern day American government ‘s persistent endorsement of so-called democracy works in several ways detrimental to the common good of the populace Investigating the government ‘s behaviour and societal response in Orwell ‘s futuristic society endorses opinions of our present government in for the system to derive lessons in good governance Big Brother in Oceania The American government once endorsed the pop culture as a social phenomenon that saw business industries merging to support it return Entertainment became a center of daily lives and consumption became a figure of life ‘ for an economically driven society

Orwell ‘s Big Brother and the Inner Party pursued the society ‘s deliberate drowning of consciousness ‘ where people are forced to share a general delirium (Orwell , 1990 :16-17 of acceptance

When a system of governance however works to organize society as a way of life pathologically made possible through excessive taxation , the definition of democracy is impeded

In a stage set for a government filled with a variety of actors playing myriad roles under a central theme lodged on power and control , the society end up powerless

More often then not , the citizenry may have been overcome with the belief that an allowance of free national elections and other civil liberties afforded to them is the essence of democracy

` – The controlling government of the Big Brother ‘ and the U

Paper Topic: `The controling government of the `Big Brother` and the U

With slogans scattered about London that support the big Brother ‘ ideology , everything is in fact controlled by the government whose guise of restoring confidence ‘ with

In many ways , the behaviour was well tolerated in the consciousness of people who looked up to Big Brother ‘ like the young women who were bigoted adherents of the party (Orwell , 10 mesmerized by the power of his voice wrecking the structure of civilization (p

After seeing its success , excessive taxation was soon sanctioned as the government relayed how American freedom is being threatened by different forces

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