the cultural aspect of marriage

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Paper Topic: the cultural aspect of marriage Marriage is believed to have ascended to a level that makes a person distinctive and accomplished Thus , now , people look at marriage as a thing to be achieved through hard work , rather than a thing that is availed of as a matter of course (Cherlin 855 Specifically , in today ‘s world where marriage is considered rare marriage somewhat gives a couple some bragging rights , as marriage has taken the form of a symbolic stamp of the kind of relationship that a couple has , which elevates such relationship to a different level than that of other couples in the community (Cherlin 855 Marriage also acts as a status symbol for most people (Cherlin 856 This is due to the fact that the wedding got to be considered as an achievement of an individual , particularly in terms of having accomplished much in their personal lives

One such example is the ghost marriage which is popular among the Singapore Chinese (Topley 29 ) and the Atuot of Southern Sudan (Burton 398 Ghost marriage is a form of marriage solemnized either between a deceased person and a living one , or between two deceased persons Cantonese people are known for solemnizing this kind of marriage (Topley 29 Traditionally , a ghost marriage often occurs in the home , particularly that owned by the family that made the arrangements of the ceremonies The relationship of the family to one of the marrying couple , whether the male or female

Ghost Marriage As averred to above , there are many different types of marriage that exist and are being solemnized aside from the traditional or more popular forms that people know

More specifically , weddings serve as testaments to people and their family and friends of their fulfillment and full development of their self-identities (Cherlin 857 III

The Different Types of Marriage A


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