The Fall of Baghdad

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Paper Topic: The Fall of Baghdad The Fall Of Baghdad Summary Caught in the strife torn city of Baghdad in Iraq , the war correspondent and staff writer Jon Lee Anderson of the New Yorker accounted for the realities of war The fall of Baghdad grimly shook the world , as Iraqi soldiers and innocent people fled and hides from bombardment of US troops In the line of fire , Jon Lee Anderson witnessed what he exclaimed paranoia and so much anguish A Reader ‘s Account The book of Jon Lee Anderson , on his account and the title itself on the Fall of Baghdad ‘ is an assimilation of real-life drama of human suffering , as he himself was stunned by the daily witnessing of Iraqi families seeking refuge from the anguish of pursuing US troops to the bailiwick of Saddam Hussein It was from the onset of firefight to the day Saddam cohorts succumbed to death and torn apart Baghdad , which concisely narrated in the book An array of feeling of uncertainty , deceit and woes can felt astonishingly by a reader

Ala Bashir , a closest associate and family doctor of Saddam Hussein ‘s , as he met in the year 2000 , being distinctively fervor of devilish craft of Saddam Hussein In Iraq , Anderson likewise met Farouk Salloum who accordingly so poignant in poetical passion to Saddam , as being so noble and literate to share his life with the dictator The people whom Anderson browsed elbows are only among of the few that enchanted their lives from the deceit and brutality of the Iraqi regime in admiration to Saddam

Putting oneself in a place and returning back to time was accompanied in the details to go over the reading So much to say , a reader accounts the precision of narrating the chaotic background of the pages , as a reader would internalize the understanding why a war tumultuously began and ended in the desert As explicitly discussed in the book , Jon Lee Anderson proudly tells his association with Dr

The blending of narrated story from the written or documentation have captured by the book to archive the passing of time and events in the Fall of Baghdad The captivating effect on the write up endures suspense and excitement yet a recap from the previous in to keep abreast on the coming details of statements

Most people Anderson saw meted out death in the streets and home together with their families Advancement of US troops drew near Baghdad during the three weeks continuing skirmish , as the journalist house in Palestine Hotel were American tanks have finally bombarded and occupied the city Deducting perceptions from the book can be found the parallelism of adversity in the life of the Iraqi populace

Enticingly as it is , the book is moved with so much passion to describe emotions of characters , although public and groups , in which , Anderson enable to picture out in his writing Readers can easily figure out , as if cinematic , the

At the time Saddam eluded the captivity , the people of Iraq have freed


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