The Future of Reading

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Recently , many people around the world could enjoy the opportunity to read electronic books and benefit from numerous advantages of such reading style over using usual printed books In the article , published in Newsweek magazine in November 2007 , Steven Levy speculates about future outlooks of printed books in the framework of increasing global popularity of electronic book-reading culture

At that , e-book reading devices offer great opportunities for making the books easily portable and storable , along with the opportunities to exchange and copy the books , or even carry your entire library with you

Paper Topic: The Future of Reading Running Head : READING The Future of Reading [Writer ‘s Name] [Name of Institution] The Future of Reading Despite numerous changes and innovations launched during our modern epoch of information technologies , written or printed text still remains the most convenient and popular way to keep and exchange information

and , it is instant-on and requires no batteries (Levy 2007 Furthermore , he illustrates his concern about the future of printed books by describing the giant efforts which are being spent by our modern companies-developers in to make electronic reading gadgets be more similar to printed books

Besides , reading electronic books in excessive amounts (in particular , during university studies ) can be quite harmful for human health , because the screens of the computers or iPods are still quite dangerous for our eyes Moreover , in my opinion , in the end of the ends printed books will remain in our life mainly not as the sources of materials

Undoubtedly , it is one of the greatest developments of modern technology , which is already highly appreciated by millions of people around the globe Nevertheless , traditional values in our society are still extremely strong , and there are not many people who are really ready to give up pleasure of holding a real book in their hands

the energy-wasting resource-draining process , sooner or later books will be replaced by electronic book-reading devices (Levy , 2007 In my opinion , it is too early to come to such conclusion , especially when we are talking about the nearest future

Printed books were our best companions since the early childhood , introduced by our parents books have been giving us essential knowledge or special feelings and emotions we will never be able to forget

Certainly , there are numerous and unquestionable benefits of using e-books , which include their availability , convenience , lower costs for producing and buying as well as greater variety

E Ink , a breakthrough technology of several years ago that mimes the clarity of a printed book ‘ Finally , the author expresses the idea that , as making books is

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