the future of worlds fair expositions

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Paper Topic: the future of worlds fair expositions Running Head : World Fairs World Fairs [Name of Student] [Name of Institute] World Fairs Since the nineteenth century , big public events called world fairs have been organized

The concept of nationalities was broken down in the Internet World Exposition of 1996 The purposes of world ‘s fairs have been the introduction of technologies and ideas

Fairs are divided into universal and specialized fairs World expositions have one of the largest economic and cultural impacts on the world

They can be experienced from the computer The world fair has entered into the electronic age after the 1996 Internet World Exposition

An internet based world fair will definitely allow more people to know about other cultures , scientific advancements and inventions

World fairs were also organized to give a vision of the future for the people

High speed spamming and cars were some of the dark sides of technology on cities and projects A unique feature of the Internet World Exposition was that it was built in cyberspace

Future world fairs will excite and inspire millions of people

From music to politics and space exploration to basketball the latest information is not hard to find The purpose of an internet based world fair is to make the information manageable (Schadewaldt , 1979 A new world is constructed with porous bs and shifting of identities

The 1996 Internet World Exposition has also introduced the dark side of technology

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