The Gaia Hypothesis: History and Deveopment

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Paper Topic: The Gaia Hypothesis: History and Deveopment The Living Earth : The Gaia Hypothesis One of the major ecological philosophies to have risen in modern times is the Gaia Hypothesis , whose main proponent is Dr

The name Gaia was derived from the Greek goddess of earth , and she became the rallying symbol for environmentalists and ecologists who believe that our disregard for Mother Earth will be the ultimate cause of humanity ‘s downfall The Gaia Hypothesis first rose to public consciousness in the 1960 ‘s At that time , Dr

This self-regulating mechanism which lies at the heart of planet Earth is what he called Gaia Indeed , it is a bit paradoxical that Lovelock ‘s inspiration for a living world should come from an inert and lifeless planet

Lovelock theorized that if life existed on Mars , then its atmosphere would show signs of disequilibrium resulting from the metabolic activities of living organisms (Lovelock , 2000

Based on these findings , Lovelock concluded that Mars held no life forms , which was confirmed upon Viking landings on Mars following Lovelock ‘s statements

The dynamic nature of Earth ‘s character became a springboard for the Gaia Hypothesis

35 ) Tests show that Mars had an atmosphere that was very stable and constant , while the Earth had a highly dynamic atmosphere that changed every now and then

Lovelock went on to write a book which he entitled : Gaia : A new look at life on Earth

Based on this , Lovelock had the idea that Earth ‘s atmosphere was constantly shifting because it was constantly righting itself , seeking homeostasis

As a means to determine if life existed on Mars Lovelock employed a top-down view of the planet be employed

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