The Gothic Awakening

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The interior design of these structures promote the solemnity of the religion , reflecting the degree to which believes would stretch their means of expression In conclusion , art works from the Gothic period strongly represents the feelings and beliefs of the people , extended even to this day

For a Christian , God is the ultimate support as well The Gargoyles that adorn the roof tops and corners of these buildings are means of scaring off evil From the given characteristics , one can definitely say that these the Gothic Cathedrals are representations of man ‘s belief of God

More than display , more than art , these represent the depth of God in the hearts of these people The details and designs excruciatingly implemented in these artworks indicate the effort man would exert for his belief

However the physical , or the outdoor appearance of these structures are not the only points they have to be qualified under the argument of this Other works of art such as paintings , sculptures and stained glasses and mosaics adorn the interior of these structures

One manifestation of Gothic Cathedrals is that they are tall structures with interiors reminiscent of the Romanesque Period (Johansen

These stand as dynamic emotional aid in man ‘s relationship with God and himself To see the relationship between the structures and the Christian belief , an overview of the Gothic Cathedrals might be necessary

The overall design of Gothic Cathedrals , including its interior designs

Paper Topic: The Gothic Awakening The Gothic Awakening In the Middle Ages , Christians strongly believed that God is best expressed through different works of art , and nature

Another manifestation would be , according to Gargoyle Gothica , that these structures are build of stone

These structures are more than visual representations of these beliefs

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